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The Brandery Part II – Faguo Shoes

Posted on: February 10, 2011

One of the numerous brands I got to know at The Brandery is the French brand Faguo.

It is a brand of responsible sneaker shoes. Its concept is to plant a tree for each pair of shoes sold in order to offset the carbon footprint caused by the business of producing and transporting the shoes.

The company was created only two years ago by two French business graduates who met while studying abroad in China. Their passion for China and fashion encouraged them to create their brand. Faguo actually means France in Chinese.

The shoes are manufactured in China and one employee is there on a daily basis to check the quality of the products as well as the working conditions of the people producing the shoes.

Transportation from China to France is done by ship to reduce CO2 emissions and final transportation in France from the port to the warehouse is by boat too. Those concerns for the environment are symbolized by the coconut botton placed on the side of the shoes.

Warehousing, packing and shippind is outsourced to an association that focuses on profesional rehabilitation.

The brand is extremely sucessful and is already sold in France, Belgium, Japan, Denmark, Norway and Canada. Faguo is rapidly expanding its distribution network from the current 150 points of sale.

At the product level, Faguo is reinforcing its range with new references added each season.

For spring 2011, limited edition shoes were created through collaborations with four French bloggers as well as special edition made of Liberty of London fabrics (I am in love with those !!!) only to be sold in selected retail points.

A child line has been introduced lately as well. For fall, the brand will be offering some of its products in leather (black, brown and grey).

I love the vintage look and the stripped inside!

To me Faguo is a great alternative to sneakers’ giants like Converse. At least, when buying the shoes you know that you try to reduce the impact of the purchase. Of course, it is not as if the shoes were manufactured in your own country or using recycled materials but it’s still one step to respecting our environment.

I think that their product development is wise. Bloggers do have an increasing influence on product purchase for the general public and it is a good idea to have bloggers participate in the product development process to enhance creativity. The same concept was used about a year ago by André (a large French shoes manufacturer) with its collection “Quand les bloggeuses s’en mêlent” (When bloggers are a part of it) where 6 bloggers designed custom shoes for the brand based on their own aesthetic.

Internet and social medias prove once again to be fundamental when shaping your business.


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