Harmonie's Look on Fashion


This blog was created by Harmonie Koch, a dedicated fashion business specialist.

Harmonie recently completed a MBA Program at Northeastern University (Boston, MA, U.S.A.) focused on Marketing, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. She also graduated from Reims Management School (France) with a Master in Purchasing, Supply Chain Management and International Business.

Harmonie grew up in Lyon (France), a city known for silk craftmanship and the invention of the Jacquard woven machine (early XIXth century).

Her experience includes working with brand managers in the Parisian showroom of an Italian Fashion House (IT Holding) and with Business Logistics at L’Oréal Headquarters in Paris. She also worked two years in Reims Junior Conseil, a Marketing Consulting company that provides customized markets surveys, strategic recommendations from surveys’ results and business tools for implementation.

Harmonie’s passion for fashion started at the early age of 12 years old when she designed jewelery and other accessories to sale at local Christmas market. During her studies, she logically chose a thesis subject related to her passion. Her central question was the relationships between creation and production in mass-market and high-end ready-to-wear companies. Upon arrival in Boston, she enrolled in Fashion Design classes at the Massachusettes College of Art to deepen her knowledge and experience of fashion design and production.

This blog is a way to link her passion for fashion to her business background and experience.

Click here to look at Harmonie’s resume.

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