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On Friday March 5th, I got the chance to meet Jay Calderin at the School of Fashion Design in Boston and hear him speak about his first book published in December 2009.

Jay’s passion for fashion started as early as in his High School years when the child from the Bronx organized his first runway shows. He moved to Boston in 1989 and initiated the first Boston Fashion Week in 1995. Since then, he is considered as a corner stone of the fashion industry in Boston. His 10 years experience in New York, his work with high-end fashion houses such as Valentino or Kenzo, his own collection lines certainly contribute to Jay’s legitimacy. Jay is also the regional director of Fashion Group International in Boston

The book is written for professionals who need to keep in mind the big picture of their work. Through a large research work, Jay managed to gather “everything that (he) wanted to know or couldn’t find“. Jay’s book is very strategic and tends to help designers to organize themselves, to find inspiration through diverse sources (arts or technology) and to form a powerful message. The book is published by Rockport Publishers and can be found on Amazon.com

About Boston Fashion Week, Jay told us that Boston needed to differentiate itself from New York, London or Paris. Boston should use its smart environment to come up with a unique perspective about fashion. Expensive fashion shows can be replaced by video or photos exhbitions. Technologies and social networking is maybe the new way to be creative for Fashion Week. Partnerships with architects, graphic designers or web designers help to understand how pieces are structured. In a word, Boston could be the Smart Fashion Week. Stay tunned for Boston Fashion Week 2010 from September 24th to October 1st !

Congratulations Jay!


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